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About Us

Our Purpose

The List was fundamentally created to collect and showcase resources that are beneficial for trans+* individuals, their families, allies, and providers.  We want this website to be a place where people can come to find support, community, and information.

*trans+ is used as an umbrella term to include all gender and sex minorities

Our Foundations

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The List is brought to you by Sunny Days, a psychotherapy and consulting practice that specializes in queer-related issues.


​This project began with Ariel (Ari) Groner, a licensed clinical social worker, and the owner of Sunny Days.  As a therapist focusing her work on supporting the queer community, she would note resources to share with clients by recording them in a spreadsheet.  Over time this spreadsheet grew and she would share it with anyone that reached out looking for resources, whether that be a client, parent, or fellow provider.  This collection became known as “The List” and she aspired to expand a simple Google Sheet into a full-fledged website.


​Ari’s dream of creating a one-stop-shop resource website could only become a reality with a lot more help. It was then that she was connected with Adler University, where her idea became a project for graduate students.


2020-2021: Madeline Butler, Madison Ellis, Katie Hatches, Dani Kallis 

2021-2022: Patrick Mooney 

2022-2023: Kat Santucci

2023-2024: Ava Earl & Yasmine Montalvo


This project would not be possible without the help of the community. We want to recognize those who came before us and those who continue to dedicate their time, energy, and space to uplift this community. We hope that this website strengthens the legacy created by our queer ancestors, particularly BIPOC folx.

We are now accepting donations to help keep The List going! Funding helps us pay for administrative costs, promotional materials, and the admissions to table at events so we can continue to spread the word about our resources. Any funds that exceed our expenses will be donated to different organizations featured on The List. Thank you for your support!

The List is not its own corporation or non-profit organization, so payments will be sent though it's host, Sunny Days, LLC. You can find the donate button at the bottom of every page.


Reach out with resources we forgot!

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